Free Webinar: “How to Help Hiring Managers Not Suck”

John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox
Recorded 2014 with ERE

The secret sauce to great recruiting? According to John Vlastelica, it’s not technology, killer branding, or a smooth recruiting process. All of those things are key, but the secret sauce is all about getting your hiring managers engaged. That’s how you win. In this fun, how-to session, John will give you insights into the best practices of engaged hiring managers who don’t suck.  We’ll talk about how they can do more than just sit back passively, waiting for you to deliver top talent to their inboxes. We’ll talk about attracting, sourcing, interviewing and closing through the lens of superstar hiring managers. No theoretical consultant-speak here. We’ll share specific, actionable recommendations for you to put into place right away.


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