Free Webinar: “Leveraging Hiring Managers”

John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox.
Hosted by LinkedIn in 2016.

Great recruiting functions have at least one thing in common: engaged hiring managers. If you’re going to attract and convert the best talent, you must know how to leverage your hiring managers. Join John during this 1-hour recorded webinar to learn actionable strategies that you can take back to the office to leverage your hiring managers more effectively. John Vlastelica is the founder of Recruiting Toolbox, top 5% speaker at LinkedIn Talent Connect 2015 and 2016, producer of Talent42, and former Recruiting Director at Amazon and Expedia. He will share:

  • How to motivate and engage your hiring managers to play a more active role in recruiting, including the one question you should ask to get them more engaged
  • Real-world examples of how your hiring managers can help source and attract top talent
  • And techniques for creating a culture of recruiting at your organization


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