Companies that win more than their fair share of talent have a not-so-secret weapon. It’s not always higher pay, it’s definitely not a better ATS, and it’s probably not anything to do with process. What is it? It’s super engaged, talent-minded hiring managers. As companies grow, they often lose that “everyone recruits” startup-mentality and culture. And as TA managers grow into heads of TA, they know that their job is less about deploying best practices and more about creating a culture where hiring managers champion diversity, a high hiring bar, and a great candidate experience. Hiring is a team sport, so how do we get our hiring teams to invest more in getting great talent into our orgs?

John Vlastelica, CEO of Recruiting Toolbox, led 2 workshops at LinkedIn Talent Connect conference in NYC in 2023 focused on creating a culture of recruiting ownership in your org.  We worked in small groups to share success stories, review the hiring manager maturity model, build and share tons of best practices, and learn from each other.  

We’ll add a link to the article the editorial team at LinkedIn is writing to capture the best practices to this page once it’s live on the Talent Blog.  


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