How to Give Hiring Managers what they really want: Speed & Quality

John Vlastelica @ #RecFest19

John Vlastelica delivered practical, how-to strategies and techniques to help corporate recruiters deliver what 100% of hiring managers want: faster, better hires.  John pulls his best practices from his real world experiences as a corporate recruiting leader at companies like Amazon and Expedia, and from his work helping thousand of recruiters and recruiting leaders improve speed and quality.  John leads Recruiting Toolbox, a global consulting and training firm that’s helped corporate recruiting teams elevate their game to be true Talent Advisors and strategic partners.  And nothing shows the business leaders you support you’re a great partner better than helping them go faster, and getting better talent hired. 

Learn more about our custom Talent Advisor training workshops for corporate recruiting teams.  World class companies engage our teams to build training and tools to help their recruiters engage hiring managers better, lead the process more effectively, coach and push back on unrealistic hiring managers, create a culture of recruiting, and improve time to fill, conversion, quality of hire, and diversity.  Our clients include Disney, Nike, Salesforce, Booking, Starbucks, SAP, EA Games, Adidas, Nestle, and Bloomberg.


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