2018 LinkedIn Talent Connect: How to Fix 4 of Our Biggest Recruiting Challenges

John Vlastelica, a top-5 rated LinkedIn Talent Connect speaker the last 3 years in a row, will share how we can fix 4 of our biggest recruiting challenges. We’ll focus on the INTERNAL challenges corporate recruiting teams face, and share how recruiting leaders are engaging the business differently, creating a culture of recruiting, rethinking their resource model, and diagnosing funnel issues to improve their recruiting function. John, former corporate recruiting leader and founder of Recruiting Toolbox, will share what he’s learned from his team’s consulting work with 200 companies and thousands of recruiters and hiring managers. If you’re focused on high impact changes to your recruiting function, you won’t want to miss this session. #willnotsuck

Download a PDF of John’s slides here. Connect with John Vlastelica on LinkedIn: 

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