2019 LinkedIn Talent Connect: Understanding Your Hiring Culture To Engage Candidates

Dawn LI presentation image 2019


Dawn Burke, a top-rated LinkedIn Talent Connect speaker, is sharing how assessing and understanding your hiring culture is one of the best ways to align all of your recruiters, hiring managers, and C-Suite. We all know corporate culture is important, but what about your hiring culture? Every TA team has one; do you know yours? Understanding your hiring culture is more than simply creating a candidate experience; it's a holistic understanding of what your stakeholders truly value. What people value affects how they behave, and that behavior — good and bad — impacts candidate engagement and recruiting results. With her signature usage of humor and pop culture analogies, she will help TA and HR pros understand why stakeholder alignment is hard, the definition of hiring culture, how to assess yours, and share best practices to improve. Connect with Dawn on LinkedIn.


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